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  • This is hands down MY FAVORITE BOUTIQUE IN L.A.!! Audrey is such a beam of light that it feels like you're shopping with a friend when you're in the store.

    Torry J.

  • "So much yes! I love this store. Audrey and Andrea are wonderful! Super helpful and creative. So many cute dresses."


  • "Had such an amazing experience there! Got an incredible limited edition satin pink Kit Cat Klock and got to meet the owner who was so lovely and personable. I can’t wait to go back" :)

    De Laney

  • "Amazing shopping experience. Absolutely love their hand selection of women's dresses. I had been all over town looking for unique one of a kind dresses and came to Audrey's with luck."


  • I LOVE this store!! All the things are so cute and don't even get me started about the jewelry."


  • "Audrey K is my absolute favorite shop ever. Whenever walking in you are greeted kindly and the selection of everything is always on point. The quality of the clothes as well as how cute everything is is unparalleled. I LOVE this happy place!"