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  1. audrey *k  Boutique Digital Gift Card
  2. Flower Hand Beaded Earrings
  3. Playful Cat Village  Shirt Dress
  4. The Long Haul Large Confetti Tote
  5. Pacific Breeze Eyelet Shirt Dress
  6. Celebration Gift Reusable Sipper Cup
  7. Hypnotic Dancer Starlette Stripe Embroidered Dress
  8. Vibrant Blue Metallic One Shoulder Designer Dress
  9. Tiki Hut Tropics Summer Dress
  10. Parrot Hand Beaded Earrings
  11. From The Archives Midi Dress
  12. Floral Ruffle Bridgerton Sheer Crew Socks
  13. Hidden Tropics Mini Wrap Dress
  14. Unique Vintage 1960s Black & Nude Floral Fringe Flutter Sleeve Caftan