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Cards Against Negativity Book

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Break free from the taxing elements of your daily life and embrace the positive. From Kim Davies and Dr. Pooky Knightsmith, the psychological-counselor authors of Cards Against Anxiety, comes Cards Against Negativity, a new guidebook and card set to help you identify and escape time-consuming negative thoughts so you can focus on everything worth celebrating.

Like its predecessor, 
Cards Against Negativity includes a deck of 25 wallet-size cards that function as cheat sheets for mindfulness and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) techniques that you can practice anywhere—on the bus, walking to class, in your home office—to help boost your self-esteem and get out of a cycle of negative thinking.

Each portable card features a short, refocusing prompt on one side and brief instructions to let in some positivity on the other. Use this guidebook-and-card set whenever and wherever to help you establish a foundation of positivity in your everyday life.